Resolutions Always Fail, Right?

So resolutions always fail, right? There’s always a February falloff right? We lose 10 pounds in January, but then that box of chocolates just proves irresistible. True? Not necessarily.

The number one reason that resolutions fail is because we view resolutions wrong.

A lot of us think that resolutions are this mountain-top pot of gold that we need to strive to achieve. This inherently creates a huge amount of pressure because, after all, who wants to hike up a mountain?

Resolutions should start with looking at the treasure that’s right in front of you on the ground. Start small. Rather than externalize your dreams by saying to yourself, “I’m going to lose 30 pounds this year,” reframe that resolution by saying, “I’m going to lengthen my walk to work by 1 mile every day” or “I’m going to spend more time in the produce and vegetable section of the supermarket.”

Make your resolutions simple and manageable, and they will take off.

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