Life Coaching for Teenagers

Life coaching teenagers is a subject worth mentioning. Because popular depictions of teenagers already include angst, belligerence, and combativeness, it seems Sisyphean enough to get them to listen to their parents.

So the notion of bringing your teenager to a life coach seems near impossible. I found that the unexpectedness of seeing a life coach though usually works to the teen’s favor. Because the idea seems so preposterous to bellicose or disillusioned teenagers (the type that often need life coaching the most), their curiosity is undeniable.

Once the two of us start talking, I have full confidence that I can turn the coldest, most detached teenager into a self-believer. But the crucial step is getting them into my office. So take heed, parents with teenagers: take advantage of the unusual sales pitch that is seeing a life coach.  It will work in my favor, but more importantly, it’ll work in their favor.

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