Hypnosis and Caring

You know, we are inundated every day with information about Congress, about the Middle East, about the economy, and about everything else, that I often wonder whether my head will one day explode with all this information.

There’s a lot of guilt surrounding how we respond to the news: if we don’t give ourselves an adequate dose of it, we feel misinformed, ignorant, or worse, careless. Feeling careless is one of the worst feelings there is — we want to feel like we’re putting in the effort to reap a certain sense of knowledge and self-respect. This made me wonder, one day, ‘Can hypnosis make you care?’

The answer to this is obviously no. Hypnosis can’t change your value systems, make you more interesting, and magically put $10k in your checking account. Hypnosis is a form of therapy to reach certain goals dealing with the mind and body. The key, though, is to understand how your carelessness is a symptom of a larger issue, i.e. an issue that hypnosis CAN treat.

If you find yourself giving up the information of the world, giving up on your work, losing your love of your art-form, then come to me. We will put aside this alarming carelessness for a second and focus on the other issues at play. The carelessness could be a result of sadness, anxiety, relationship issues, obesity, trauma, bad memories — all of these issues hypnosis can 100% treat.

I care about you. Do you care about yourself? 212-599-3195

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