Strengthening Self-Confidence via Clinical Hypnosis

To supplement my recent post about gaining physical attractiveness through hypnosis, I want to make sure you remember the following notion. Although it is desirable and advantageous to behave confidently regardless of any weakness, there is the danger of relying blindly on confidence solely.
Ask yourself: Are you using confidence as a crutch or an excuse to ignore (or at worse, deny) issues that you know you are capable of solving for the benefit of both yourself and those around you?
To secure your self-confidence, you initially need to identify which of your problems are within your control – problems that, once solved, will give you reason to be proud.
Here is a brief list of what I specialize in:

By “specialty,” I mean a category of difficulties that I have had a 95-100% success rate in treating.  Practicing in NYC for almost four decades, you will not find another therapist like me.
Neuroplasticity is a very complex science to apply, but I worked hard to make it the foundation of the Clinical Hypnosis I provide. There is much, much more to learn! I’m here if you need me. As always, feel free to contact my office at (212) 599-3195.

Life Coaching For Self Confidence: Get Your Happy Back

Do you like your self? I mean- really and truly like the person you are? Ever look at yourself in the mirror and feel unhappy about what you see? Ever avoid mirrors completely, to avoid triggering thoughts of self-loathing all together? Do you feel like you don’t know who you really are,  and what you do know about yourself you aren’t particularly proud of?

You know what- it’s ok. It’s completely normal to experience phases of self-doubt from time to time. Moments of self-consciousness is part of the human experience- you are always your own worst critic. However, if you have zero sense of your self worth and are completely lacking in self- confidence, then this is not a way to live.

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