Gaining Weight via Clinical Hypnosis

Although there’s still a great number of people in the U.S. dying to lose weight, there will also always be the other side of the coin: People who are obsessed with weight. They may not necessarily be anorexic or bulimic, but afraid of food. Hypersensitive to the amount they eat, unusually picky, frequently skipping meals, these people may not even be aware of their problem until their behavior results in severe illness.

If you find yourself emotionally undereating, unable to regain the weight – or steady appetite – you used to have, I encourage you to consider Clinical Hypnosis. Based on the concept of neuroplasticity, the treatment will directly address the mental causes of your eating disorder. Often, malnutrition will have led to other psychological difficulties, particularly related to self-image; these problems naturally dissolve once you have your appetite returns.

Have a gut instinct that Clinical Hypnosis can get you eating regularly again? Let’s talk. Give my office a call at (212) 599-3195 and be sure to browse my website for details.

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