Can Hypnosis Save Your Marriage?

a couple in need of hypnosisSure, we all know that hypnosis can help people quit smoking, have more self confidence, overcome phobias, help you deal with depression, or lose weight…but what about recalling feelings integral to our relationships?

Can hypnosis actually help you rekindle the love and affection in your marriage? Can hypnosis save your marriage?

According to hypnotist Tom Silver the answer is “Yes”!  He recently appeared on the Jeff Probst Show where he stated…

“Even the happiest couples experience relationship slumps at some point. [Couples] get comfortable and it’s like, ‘You didn’t do this for me, I’m not doing this for you,’ and all of a sudden, you’ve lost something, you’ve lost that essence of that love and that relationship…Under hypnosis, you can rekindle that — you can even bring back the same emotions they felt when they first met.”

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So what do you think? Do you think that hypnosis can save a marriage that has lost its spark? Sound off in the comments below, I want to know what you think!

2 thoughts on “Can Hypnosis Save Your Marriage?

  1. I never really thought about whether hypnosis could help a troubled marriage, but after reading this post and thinking more about how hypnosis can relieve stress, and then realizing how much accumulated stress can adversely effect a marriage, then this all makes perfect sense.

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