Stop Teeth Grinding (aka Bruxism) Through Clinical Hypnosis

Teeth grinding isn’t a mere nuisance. The habit easily gives way to severe physical and mental disorders. Most people don’t notice because they’re asleep when grinding occurs. Left untreated, however, symptoms will get unbearable. They range from speech defects, tooth and nerve damage, to relationship difficulties resulting from bothering your partner in bed.

Clinical Hypnosis eradicates the pain through techniques involving deep relaxation. Therapy starts by revealing what’s causing you to grind unconsciously: A jaw that stays tense for too long day and night, or your body’s over-reaction to stress. As always, changing behavior is key. In 3-5 sessions, you’ll learn how to better control the relevant muscles, while honing the willpower you need to never grind your teeth again.

Concerned that you’re grinding your teeth too frequently? Don’t get any worse. Give Gluck Solutions in NYC a call at (212) 599-3195 to talk and set your first appointment.

Top 5 Things You Never Knew Hypnosis Could Treat

We’ve all heard about hypnosis used to treat smoking, weight-loss, and addictions. I’m sure you’ve known someone who was depressed or anxious and had seen a hypnotist. You probably have been in the audience of a public speaker who has seen a hypnotist to alleviate performance anxiety. But there are many things hypnosis treats that you didn’t know it could. Here are five issues that you never knew I could help you with.

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