Is Hypnosis Effective For People Who Suffer From Anxiety?

Are you suffering from anxiety? In this video Dr. Errol Gluck discusses how hypnosis can help completely alleviate the stress, worry and fear of anxiety…

Hi, I’m Dr. Errol Gluck. I’m an executive life coach and I am a clinical hypnotist. Anxiety appears in so many ways. Unfortunately, almost everyone who’s existing and walking in the streets suffers from some degree of anxiety.

My answer to that is that it’s completely unnecessary. During the course of hypnosis the rational brain is able to simply overwhelm the emotional brain so that ever experience and thought process is perceived in a rational mode.

Anxiety is fear based, and fear goes back to a place in our life where before we could filter out what’s true and what’s not true. Hypnosis is the singular most effective way to treat and stop anxiety altogether. If you have an anxiety problem, I have the answer.

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NYC Hypnotist Reveals What Makes Him Different

Why should you choose Dr. Gluck over other hypnotists in NYC?

Hi, my name is Dr. Errol Gluck. I am a hypnotist in New York City for 37 years. The question that some people ask me is, “why should I go to you, rather than someone else?”

The average hypnotist has under 1,000 hours and I have over 100,000 hours. At the bottom line in this practice experience is everything. Hypnosis is also based on the science of neuroplasticity. I take it from a scientific point of view, from a neurological point of view.

The bottom line is that for me each client is different. I have no scripts. I create each individual hypnosis based upon your unique personality. That is the difference and that’s why I’ll change your life.

Getting Confidence in Relationships with Hypnosis

Hypnosis works for many specific issues like weight-loss and anxiety, but not many people know that hypnosis can deal with larger issues that might plague someone’s life: most notably, confidence.

As we enter the month of romance, many men and women are going to need to initiate certain steps to prove their love. Men are willing to take great steps to make Valentine’s Day a memorable day. While they might have the biggest box of chocolates or the best dinner reservation, they still won’t get their message across unless they have one crucial ingredient: confidence.

Hypnosis can work past the anxiety, bad memories and self-esteem issues that often stymie successful connection to another person. I always want to emphasize that hypnosis isn’t some magical thing that gives you confidence, but it is a neurological therapy that cures the issues that get in the way of confidence. And for Valentine’s Day, whether it’s erectile dysfunction or anxiety, I will get rid of the problems that get in the way of confidence.

So while hypnosis can’t get you confident, between you and me, I want you to call my office to get confidence. I’ve been doin’ this for 35 years. 212-599-3195.

How Hypnosis and Neuroplasticity Work

Clinical Hypnosis is grounded in the science of neuroplasticity.  The concept is neither complex nor formulaic, but substantial and full of possibility, requiring great skill and patience to apply.

Simply for now, neuroplasticity means that the human brain can be changed by acting on the external elements of your life, such as your physical behavior and appearance, how you interact with others and control or respond to your environment.

My intention is to be your professional guide to productive, dynamic self-understanding – to help you know yourself, not merely for its own sake, but for the purpose of attaining both the confidence and the means to solve your problems.

In hypnosis, curiosity counts and won’t kill you! The more willing you are to be changed, the larger the chance that the therapy will work. Vital, too, is being communicative, making efforts to articulate your mind no matter how difficult talking can be. (Silence, of course, can suggest plenty. But why not express the suggestion you want to work with?) We could then spend less time defining and explaining the therapy, but in clarifying what you want to accomplish, determining your needs so that I can help you meet them. Although treatment usually takes 2-3 sessions, the effects are far from short-term. They influence and last your entire life, if you let them.

For more information about hypnosis with Dr. Errol Gluck, call (212) 599-3195.

What Does an Hypnosis Session Look Like?

Hypnotizing WatchOne of the things most people are curious about when it comes to learning more about my practice and hypnosis in general is, “What does a hypnosis look like?”

People understand that it’s not mind control or silly media depictions of clucking like a chicken on command, but what people still yearn to understand is what they should anticipate in the 50 minutes in my office.

Hypnosis is not done on the first session. Any hypnotist who offers you hypnosis on the first session is not worth his/her salt. Why? Hypnosis is not a one-size-fits-all type of treatment. A hypnotist should tailor the treatment to the individual based on information provided to them for the treatment to be the most effective. The first session is devoted to laying the background so that when hypnosis starts on the second session, I can employ the most client-specific induction as possible.

When you’re getting hypnotized, you are reclined on a couch in my darkly-lit office so as to maximize your physical comfort. Your eyes will be closed and you will have taken any sips of water that you might need. I will walk you through what can compared to a guided meditation. I will suggest you imagine certain things in a calm voice, so as to re-associate your emotions and your behavior. It lasts about 20 minutes, and when you wake up, you won’t feel fundamentally different energetically. You are still alert and “you.” However, your subconscious has been tweaked for the better. The change is accumulative and permanent.

How Many Hypnosis Sessions Are Needed?

The session amounts to see me do vary depending on both the issue and the person. Here’s how it breaks down usually. These are just averages though, and I can assess how many sessions you’ll need after a 5 minute conversation. Remember to ask me and not my secretary! But here is how issues and the individuals usually influence session amounts.

Of course people who are more resistant to hypnosis will be here for a few more sessions than people who have been successfully hypnotized in the past. People who are seeing me for life-coaching and hypnosis, also should expect to be here longer than people who are looking to target a very specific issue. People who have one problem (i.e. smoking) will be here longer than people who have a web of interrelated problems (i.e., smoking caused by anxiety caused by repressed memories).

In terms of the issues themselves, I’ve noticed people who come to me for smoking, drugs and weight loss have fewer sessions than those who come to me for more neurologically embedded issues like depression, anxiety, stress and confidence. On the low end, hypnosis is a minimum of 2 sessions, and on the high end, 5 or 6 sessions. But please note that hypnosis in general is short term for all problems and people. Give my office a call today.