When They don’t Want to Go to a Shrink

Although it’s unfortunate, there is still a lot of stigma with regards to going to a psychologist or psychiatrist. No one wants to go to a shrink because they feel that mental illness or behavioral problems are some kind of moral shortcoming of their character and soul.

This couldn’t be further from the truth – anyone who gets him/herself into a psychologist’s chair has more willpower than you can imagine. But the stigma still remains. If someone you love is suffering from a problem, yet he or she has too much pride to see a therapist, then I’m the perfect solution.

Dr. Errol Gluck

Dr. Errol Gluck – NYC Hypnotherapist

I’m the Gluck Solution. Rather than a serious, prodding psychotherapist who will force you to reveal the secrets of your psyche, it’s a lot easier to sell me to someone as a fun-loving, highly-practical life coach who can roll up the sleeves and help you make the best decisions going forward.

So if you have a teenage son with a drug problem who doesn’t want to go to a shrink, then tell him about a “life coach,” the head-coach of the sports team of their lives!

Or if you have someone who is skeptical about psychologists and has had bad experiences in the past, ask them if they’ve ever tried clinical hypnosis. I am the perfect alternative to any of the concerns or roadblocks that prevent you from taking the first step to getting better: seeing someone.

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Hypnosis for Improving Your Love Life

Want to improve your love life?Manhattan has the highest percentage of single people in New York City – where the world of love, romance, dating, and sex can simply kill you.

Needless to say, competition is fiercest when part of being “competitive” is not caring to compete.

Obviously that’s a difficult act to put on. Couple that with the demand, in any relationship, for honesty. Honestly, though: Can you take the truth without breaking down?

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Hypnosis For Curing Depression

a man with depressionWhen it comes to depression, a lot of people search for the cure. With such a devastating and pervasive mental illness as depression, you have to wonder if there is a real cure at all.

How many people do you know who got cured of their depression? I would venture to say that there are many more sufferers who take a cocktail of pills for the rest of their lives, or find themselves in a shrink’s chair.

I would urge you that while you’re trying a million different cures that may or may not work, try hypnosis to get rid of the symptoms of depression.

Hypnosis will increase your self-esteem, and help with decisiveness, physical pain, insomnia, and weight gain/weight-loss. Even though I believe in the science of neuroplasticity to affect permanent change on a neurological level, you still owe it to yourself to rely on an immediately effective form of treatment like hypnosis.

Hypnosis That Doesn’t Stigmatize Eating Disorders

eating disorder signYou ever notice that people who eat too much are considered as someone who just has poor eating habits, and people who eat too little are pathologized, pitied, and diagnosed with a mental disorder? Why?

How come if you eat too much or the wrong foods, it’s an unfavorable preference, but if you’re bulimic or anorexic, people wonder about your childhood, about your confidence, and about your overall mental well-being?

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Stop Smoking With Hypnosis in 3 Sessions

Break your cigarette addictionWhen I tell people about how hypnosis to stop smoking is very effective and takes only two or three sessions, people ask me, “Why does smoking cessation treatment take so few sessions when other issues take longer to treat?” That’s a very good question.

Let me start the answer by noting that hypnosis in general is short-term and session-based. As opposed to going to a psychologist or a psychiatrist who will often require weekly visits for anywhere from a few months to several years, sessions with me will treat the issue in a matter of a handful of sessions. I want you out my door as quickly as you came in; the only difference being that you’re better.

Smoking cessation, far from being an “easy” thing to treat (nothing is easy or hard – I treat all my patients with the same devotion and ethic), is a very specific and targeted problem.

Oftentimes, it’s a simple matter of the nicotine being both a biochemical stress reducer and highly addictive substance. Very seldom do people start smoking because their mother died when they were four or because they never had any luck with finding a mate.

Smoking isn’t completely isolated of course. It helps reduce stress and anxiety, and one can definitely start or relapse back to smoking during a particular crisis. But my point is that, unlike depression, drugs, and relationship turmoil, smoking does not have the same levels of complexity and psychological nuance that make treatment more intensive and elaborate.

Call my office today at (212) 599-3195, and I’ll get you off the cigarettes in 3 sessions.