Can’t Turn Your Brain Off?

Can’t turn your brain off at night? Can’t seem to stop worrying the night away? The more you worry over the fact that you can’t seem to fall asleep, the more you won’t be able to sleep. It’s funny how the brain works but like all other things in life, the more you focus on an ‘issue’ the bigger it seems to get and the more it starts to cloud and take over your mind, clicking your brain gears to stay focused and obsessed over that one ‘issue’ (could pertain to your fears, your addiction, your negative memories, etc.).

CDC reports that 50 to 70 million Americans suffer from insomnia. It’s become such a widespread issue that March 9th has become “National Insomnia Awareness Day”. In the past, many turned to prescribed medication to help soothe their restless nights but you have to trust me on this, medication is not the best  answer. Hypnosis can help you fall asleep faster every night and it can help you fall asleep more quickly after waking up during the night.

Insomnia can be tackled with just two simple things: hypnosis and lifestyle changes. Many clients that come to see me tend to have anxiety or depression that ties into their reason for insomnia while the other handful have unbalanced eating and drinking habits that prevent that from having a good nights sleep.

There are many dangers to insomnia that people overlook and take lightly. Insomnia not only leads to anxiety, depression, headaches, arthritis, and in serious cases heart attacks, but it also causes serious cognitive impairment. It leads to deterioration to an individuals attention span and memory bank (your ability to recall events, places, details and emotions). These are serious long term effects that should be addressed through hypnotherapy.

Cure Depression Through Clinical Hypnosis

Hypnosis and curing depressionA combination of Clinical Hypnosis and Life Coaching not only cures depression, but tackles the anxieties and phobias arising from the disorder. Could you possibly be in a darkness so deep that you no longer have the desire to resurface? That you’re afraid of connecting with anyone on any level, afraid that the first step could be the beginning of doom? Tragically, yes.

I suggest that you use your heightened sensitivity to your advantage! The slightest push into recovery is not nothing. If you feel it, let it happen. Take that nudge all the way.

Depression is most acute when it has no obvious cause; treatment may take longer in that case. However, depression can also be a direct if extreme response to some recent devastation. Compared to other forms of treatment, hypnosis works on rewiring your brain to create a completely different – but not unrealistic – way of responding to your experience. Rather than living a prolonged reaction to the pain, you will be able to process your grief maturely and progress.

Depression is a tricky thing, all around. When dealing with tragedy such as a loved one’s death, mourning is necessary. But there is an end to the mourning which sometimes you will have to impose yourself. Give me a call if you think you’ll need help. (212) 599-3195.

Hypnosis To Get You Through Holiday Stress

In my 37 years as a Clinical Hypnotist, I noticed that one thing hasn’t changed: New Yorkers have a deep-seated love-hate relationship with the winter holidays. Amid the lights and presents and feasts and parties, no other time is simultaneously riddled with high anxiety and depression. The relapse of addictions is also common. It is still a mystery why, of all periods in the year, the break-up rate is highest around Christmas.

Hypnosis could be a great gift for yourself (or perhaps another), if you know all too well the kinds of crises I am talking about. Most clients see me for relationship counseling: I am available to coach families and couples. If you are a single adults, I strongly encourage you to consider hypnosis for improving self-confidence and dating skills – this is probably the worst time of the year to stick it out on your own!

If you’re interested, don’t hesitate to give my NYC office a call at (212) 599-3195. We are located at 420 Lexington Avenue Suite 1712, New York, NY 10170

Curing SAD Through Clinical Hypnosis

A sad womanSeasonal Affective Disorder (aka SAD) is a sickness that I expect to be treating in these next months. The symptoms are straightforward but heavy. They include sudden melancholy accompanied by alienation that occurs simultaneously with the change in season. It happens most commonly to people in the Northeast.

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Clinical Hypnosis Treats Post-Divorce Suffering

One excellent way to rebuild life after divorce is through a specialized combination of Executive Life Coaching and Clinical Hypnosis. I offer both and have counseled countless clients through severe post-divorce anxieties and depression. Many were at the peak of their careers when the split occurred, shooting them down.  Perhaps you know the feeling. Once, you were capable of tackling complexity. Now, the simplest act of getting up on time feels impossible. What’s next? you ask every new day. Probably nothing.

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